Reviews originally appeared in The Coldest Issue # 1

45 Adapters “Now Or Never”, Pirates Press (2021)

NYC band influenced by rhythm & blues, 70s rock, oi and punk and which they call ‘Maximum Oi’N’B’, Now Or Never’s 6 songs clock in at under 15 minutes and leave you wanting more. 45 Adapters have yet to put out a proper full-length, focusing more on EPs and 7” since forming around 14 years ago. If there ever was a group that deserved a full length EP, it’s 45 Adapters!

Claimed Choice “We Won’t Give In”, Une Vie Pour Rien ? (2022)

Enjoyable, infectious oi from France with glam rock and garage rock influences. One of those bands who knows exactly who they are and executes exactly what they are trying to accomplish.

Conservative Military Image “Summertime Skinhead”, Self-Released (2022)

5-track EP from CMI, a Chicago skinhead hardcore group who seemingly came out of nowhere and now are selling out 7-inches in less than 5 minutes, as well as playing fests in the UK. Like all good hardcore, provides a feeling of urgency and excitement with every song. In 6 months, they’ve put out 2 EPs and 2 7-inches, hopefully a LP is soon to come.

The High Stride “The High Stride”, Crossbar (2021)

Describing themselves as ‘No Bullshit Maximum Rock’n Soul’, Brooklyn’s High Stride rip through 3 songs of driving 1960s style mod rock. I’m a sucker for anything with obvious soul influences so this is one of my favorite bands right now.

Slugger “Slugger”, Try And Stop Me Records (2022)

6-song EP from recently formed Northern California group. Reminds me of tighter, more melodic version of some of the raw, blown out speakers type of hardcore MaximumRockNRoll used to heavily feature in their weekly radio program. A band to watch for sure.

Spirit 86 “Never Alone Demo Tape”, Subculture For Life (2021)

Aggressive skinhead hardcore from the Pacific Northwest. Definite 90s hardcore vibes here. Another in what seems like an explosion of similar groups coming out with 7-inches and EPs over the past few years.

Squared Off “Glory Days”, Self-Released? (2021)

A Chicago street punk band with some Naked Raygun and Pegboy influences, Agents of Chaos addresses various social ills while expressing working class pride and a bit of optimism. This band deserves more recognition than they get.

Suede Razors “No Mess, No Fuss, Just Rock N Roll”, Rebellion (2022)

Their first EP since 2017, the Bay Area guys return with 6 anthems seemingly perfect for group singalongs in dive bars. In the top tier for contemporary ‘bovver rock’.

Violent Way, “Bow to None”, Self-Released (2022)

One of most exciting new skinhead bands to come out recently, Buffalo’s Violent Way rip through 10 tracks of scorching hardcore flavored oi. If Hatebreed had been into 1980s oi rather than NYHC, they might have sounded like this. Great stuff.

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