After an appearance on the superb Oi! L’album Volume 2 in 2019, a promising single in 2020 and 2 tracks on the excellent Paris On Oi ! compilation, Paris band Cran was a group I was hoping would release a full-length soon.

As with a lot of French oi, particularly from the UVPR label, there is some crossover with other bands. Former bassist Louis Chatenay has played in Komintern Sect and Lion’s Law. Current bassist Félix Partoutatix plays guitar in Récidive and Claimed Choice.

Guitarist Ben Decays was also in a band called Harassment, which someone described on their Discogs page as ‘Dark punk’n’roll band with surf guitars’. That influence comes through.

Although it isn’t clear to me who the songwriter of the band is or if they all collaborate, the lyrics self-described chanter/yeller Edlira lays down are about the darker aspects of life. Combined with the rest of the band it contributes to a sound that drives forward with eerie, yet bouncing, energy.

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