City of Lakes Soul Club is a relatively newer soul night, taking place in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in the Halifax metro area. Playing at venues such as Stillwell Beer Bar, Propeller Arcade and The Dart Gallery, DJ Adam B continues to build up COLSC’s name and recognition. I was recently able to interview Adam.

When did City of Lakes Soul Club start and what was the first venue it was held at?

City of Lakes Soul Club started in 2019 and the first venue I played was the Propeller Arcade in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’ve been DJing in the Halifax area since 2011 under different names and different themed nights: reggae, ska and soul

When COLSC started, were there any other regular soul nights in the Halifax area?

Sadly there wasn’t. In the early 2000’s there were a few nights: It Felt Like A Kiss and Panic! I remember seeing flyers around town but I was still a minor so I couldn’t attend

Lots of older musical formats have come roaring back in the past 20 years. The LP, 45s, even cassettes. Were many DJs spinning strictly vinyl or 45s in the Halifax area when you started? 

Unfortunately this town is full of laptop DJs, much like many others. And, I get it, bring a small laptop and every song ever created is in your hand. But I’ve DJed with people that have used LPs, CDs, and 45s. Thank God none brought out cassettes haha.

I’ve found that many people got into soul music from hip-hop samples or a family member listening to oldies radio stations. How did you get into soul music?

I got into soul music from my Dad when I was 3 or 4. He had Sam & Dave and Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels tapes in his truck and we would listen to them on repeat. When I was 4 we went to Universal Studios in Florida and there was a Blues Brothers section with live characters. We all danced around and sung. My old man bought the movie on VHS and since I’ve been 4 years old that has been my favorite movie.

Are there any specific records where you can’t wait to unleash them on the crowd?

There’s some obscure Northern Soul tracks I love that might not fill the floor but I do it for me:

The Epitome of Sound “You Don’t Love Me”

Bunny Sigler “Girl Don’t Make Me Wait”

Len Barry “1,2,3”

Are you aware of any soul music that came out of the Halifax area in the ‘60s or ‘70s? If so, does COLSC play much that came out of that scene?

Not so much for soul, more of a garage feel, but there was a band named The Great Scots (originally The Beavers that had a few hits. “Chantilly Lace” was a memorable hit). I do play The Great Scots.

Have you had a chance to meet any of the artists whose records you spin? If so, what do they think about their music being played in clubs so many years later?

No, I haven’t. Would love to make it to one of those weekenders sometime.

So much obscure or forgotten soul has been reissued by labels such as Numero, Kent, Soul Jazz, etc in the past two decades. Do you feel like you’ve dug into everything that’s out there or are you still stumbling upon and discovering soul you were unfamiliar with?

I’m just starting with the tip of the iceberg with the reissues. Found a lot of amazing double sided Kent stuff locally which is a huge surprise. Not a lot of soul 45s in Halifax anymore.

The Bobby Garrett “I Can’t Get Away” / Curtis Lee “Is She In Your Town” is one of my faves.

Have you had any part in contributing to any resissues or compilations over the years?

No, I haven’t. There’s a ton of unreleased stuff I’d love to put out on 45, just need to go through the right channels.

Have you noticed any changes in the crowd that attends since COLSC began?

The nights are slowly growing in size with returning faces. Once the word gets out, friends tell friends and more fresh faces show up to my gigs.

Are you involved in anything else music-wise, besides COLSC?

At the moment no, as COLSC I do a radio show at Dalhousie University Community radio station 88.1FM in Halifax on Thursday from 5 – 6pm.

Lastly, how long do you hope CLSC keeps going?

I hope this goes til my last breath and then my son takes over haha. Love the music, the friends I’ve made and the gems I’ve dug.

Photo by Kheaven Brasier

You can keep in touch with COLSC through the following:


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