Chicago has a number of superb street punk and oi bands that don’t seem to get much recognition outside of the city. Numerous outfits have been plugging away for a few years now, with high-quality output that can match up against the top selling bands of whatever ‘independent’ punk label behemoth you could name. Jumping into the ring of Chicago groups that deserve your attention is Lost Legion.

Featuring members of Fuerza Bruta, Snake Handler, Warrior Tribes and Future Shock, LL released one single in 2015 and a tape in 2017. With Bridging Electricity, they return with a 3-song EP that is brief but leaves an impression.

I don’t claim to be an expert in comparing bands or being able to describe with accuracy what one sounds like, but to me this EP is SLUGGER meets 80s Chicago hardcore meets 70s power-pop. The vocals are gruff, the ‘whoa oh’s’ are present and it’s all catchy as hell.

At multiple different points this week, parts of one of the three tracks were stuck in my head. Their cover of The Go-Go’s “Tonite” was unexpected, great and made me wonder if, like post-punk, there’s a whole mountain of untapped influences in new wave for oi.

Highly recommended and they have new material coming out soon!

Vinyl available from Pirate Press

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